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    These are all metrics. And we are also going to say less then our predicted values or expected values are either an un-school I. OK. Well, in this case, we're going to add to our number. Correct. And then we're going to do the Vice versa if the actual value is greater than zero and expects like digital marketing agencies in Pune values less than zero. So we'll go with an L. If you're just going to copy this Peyster right and we'll do a greater than and greater than OK. And in this case, we're going to say I'm correct again plus equals. So when either of these cases we just added to the total counts.

    At the very end, we want to return how many we got correct so we're just going to return correctly. And we're going to divide by the total number of elements that we're dealing with. So the length of either the actual values or the expected values it doesn't matter. Now we want a percentage. So we're just going to digital marketing agencies in Pune times this by and this will give us the percents of correct guesses Iowa model has made based on the values that we feed in. Now, this is going to be very easy for us to pass values into because we have some testing data sets already set up for us so we have the test volumes.

    Session 1

    We have the test price differences and what we can do is to seed it in the test volumes to our model digital marketing agency in Delhi get the models outputs those will be the actual values and then the expected price differences or the expected value is Anga and speed these test price differences here. So if we've run our session now and we are not just feeding in digital marketing agencies in Pune these random values anymore to really care about these I'm going to again just call our session run this time. I'm going to run. How will why this time instead of policy in just a few values but you going to pass in all of those test values so we're going to go run why Paulson's the dictionary will only need the x inputs okay for this case? I'm going to feed in our test volumes sit-ups test volumes.

    Session 2

    And I'm going to store the results in some variable. Let's call this something like our results that's fine. So now we want to test the actual accuracy so I'm going to say digital marketing agencies in Pune accuracy is going to be equal to calculate the accuracy of the expected results of the expected ones is going to be the test price differences. OK. And the results are going to be the actual values that we get and then I want to just print out this accuracy in some kind of a print statement. So I'm going to say accuracy or model. And then we're going to add in the print format statement.

    So this is going to be through the code on point to ask this will specify floats with two decimal places. And I'm just going to add the percent there and then I want to call upon the format function and then we can just Palsson accuracy right there. So now if I were to zoom out of this quicksaved and then we can go ahead and actually run this. We should get the final accuracy of digital marketing agencies in Pune the model being printed out. We do indeed as we can see down here we are about percent.

    Session 3

    So that's kind of what we would expect. That's kind of what I got when I was testing this myself. Like when I built it first and this percent accuracy is going to differ a little bit based on which Stockdale's you are using as well as what time you are when you're actually guessing that data from. OK. So with that being said we now know how to measure the accuracy of the model we know how to print how individual values we can actually do this way just by printing out results instead of carefully calculating the accuracy.

    So all that's left to do is test this on a few more stocks. Now I actually have given you access to a few of the stock sheets in your resources folder so you can use those. All you can go online to investing dot com is the Web site we used to use to get these CSP sheets anyway. So you can get the data from digital marketing agencies in Pune that. Just make sure that your training and testate sets if you're not going to use the ones I've provided are a little different. And I'll just do you know as quick bonus wrap up the section you know right after this and I'll show you how to input those extra Stork's species as well as how to test them out and what kind of results we can expect.